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Kids Scavenger Hunt

Our Kids Scavenger Hunt is included in your entry fee. This will send kids all around the orchard finding clues, learning about agriculture and they will get a prize and certificate at the end.. 



Can you crack the code and learn some things along the way?

THE BORING STUFF: Please do not touch or tamper any of the signs for the scavenger hunt. We used to have gnomes but every weekend one of them at least would get smashed up. We have provided this activity as part of the entry for your enjoyment, please keep it there so we can keep doing it for everyone's benefit! 


The questions are to think about - the letters are there for you to unscramble. When you pay for your apples on your way out, let us know what the code was and you will receive a prize and a certificate!

1. Head to our vintage tractors, somewhere on one of the tractors you'll find a question and a letter. Keep the letter in mind and have a think about the question! If your answer is yes or no, why have you chosen this answer..

2. Next you need to head to the shed next to the Cafe, it has a wall of wise knowledge about apple trees. There's a question on there for you to think about and also some fun facts. Make sure you find all the letters here too to keep adding to your code. 

3. Now, head over to the sign about our story, have a read about how we go into this crazy rollercoaster of a lifestyle change. Then to the right of it is a sign. It has some information on it about how these trees only fruit every second year. What do you think we would call that? Make sure you remember the letter to add to your code..

4. Now I want you to go back to the cafe, you'll see a wooden crate looking thing.. have a look inside and see what the question says.. and also don't forget the letter!

5. Now for your last clue, head to the how apples are grown sign and have a read - now go to the back of it and think about this question.. don't forget your letter!

Now you have all the letters you need to unscramble the code. When you are ready to pay for your apples don't forget to let the person serving you know what the code was. We've been tricky too because this one can be jumbled into another word.. so have a think about what word it would be! 

Have a chat to Emily, Chris or Daisy about your answers, or if you have any farming questions.. we love chatting to budding farmers! 

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