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Hey there! 

Thanks for visiting our orchard today and taking part in our new Kids Pomology Trail formerly our Kids Scavenger Hunt. 

The aim of the trail is to learn how to be an apple grower!

All you need to do is read the clues and they will send you in the direction to some key information that you will need to learn to be an apple grower.. or a Pomologist (if you're feeling fancy!)

Once you're done and you've finished in the orchard and picking apples - head to the EXIT and let them know that you have completed the trail..

here come your clues..




Have you spotted our tractors, if you came last year you would have noticed that we have more! The first tractor that you can see is actually 100 years old this year! Have a look along the tractors for your information. It will have a number 2 on it!

Good job! Now you need to head not too far from here along the apple rows near the toilets - you're not going to pick these apples because they are not ready yet.. but can you find your information with a 3 on it?

Now you are looking for number 4 - head over to the Red Delicious trees (use your map if you need) These are the really dark coloured apples. Have a search along this row and you will find your next clue. 




Now not too far from here, you are looking for number 5 - this is right next to the 'how apples are grown' sign. Read your clue and if you want to see the pictures even bigger have a look at the 'how apples are grown sign'.

Next comes number 6 - this is next to the cafe located on a special bit of machinery. Can you find it. This cart was bought from Cuddle Creek in a place called the 'prairie' - off of a family called the Reddens. They grew mostly pears. This was their cart that they used to wiz around the Adelaide Central Markets in. The fruit would sit on the platform and they would be able to move around those tight turns with the single wheel.

Now you need to head east back towards the tractors - can you find your clue around here somewhere..? Look high and look low - this is number 7!



Now you are to head north and keep your eyes 'peeled'.. get it? he he ;) along your left hand side.. this information is number 8 

You are on the home stretch my friend.. now it's time to get your photo taken! Head to the 'I Picked My Own Apples @Lenswood' sign.. do you remember where that is??? This is clue 9. Why not take a photo infront of the sign. Don't forget to tag us! 

Now you are finished... I bet mum or dad is relieved! We hope you had a great time and learnt alot along the way - head to the exit when you are ready and let them know you have completed the trail! Watch out, now you know lots of stuff Chris & Emily might employ you!

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