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Our story

We are Chris and Emily Shipway, the husband and wife duo who welcome you to experience our 23 acre slice of Lenswood in the magnificent Adelaide Hills, a mere 37km from the centre of Adelaide.


We are two Intensive Care Nurses, whom are at their prime and living the dream in their 30's!

Although we feel privileged to make a difference in people's lives (when they are at their worst) we wanted to head down a new career path and make a difference to people in their happiest times of their lives. Whether it be their wedding day, a romantic couple's getaway at a unique stay or even just a family day out picking apples - we wanted to create a destination @Lenswood made for exceptional and happy memories.


We uprooted our convenient city suburban life with our then 6 year old girl in search for a radical lifestyle change - despite family and friends thinking we were crazy. Luckily we both love proving people wrong and persuing our dreams. In just under two years of fierce determination we found our forever place @Lenswood.


We renovated our 1952 Art Deco inspired home ourselves extensively for six months straight whilst experiencing our first Lenswood winter. Now that our house has been renovated into our home we have had every single significant moment here @Lenswood - from bringing our new baby girl home, Chris popping the question to even getting married in one of the apple rows - we think our place is the best place in the world.


We started @Lenswood PTY LTD in May 2021 - one of our life long dreams to be business owners. We wanted our orchard to be a 'Pick Your Own' orchard so that familes and people could come and experience our farm in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and experience apple picking our style. In our first year we did all the farming work ourselves and learnt very quickly how to drive tractors to just how resilient one needs to be to run a farm. We had some amazing experiences that we never expected. We ended up being asked to be on ABC's Landline telling our story on national television. We were also in an ABC news article, in the Advertiser and in other local pages. Emily's photo was even on the front page of the Hills Herald. Most recently, we were asked to do a live cross on Studio 10 - this was an experience for sure!


In essence, we are just like you, a couple and a young family. We know what makes a perfect romantic getaway with just the two of you and the recipe for a perfect day out with family and friends

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Want to get to know us more?

Send us an e-mail if you think we can help you realise your dream or you think sharing our story will inspire others…

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