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Hey I'm Emily!

Hey, I'm Emily, co- founder and director of @Lenswood Pick Your Own. In 2019 my husband Chris and I bought a commercial apple orchard with no prior experience in agriculture or business - in fact, we were so far removed from business because we are actually both Intensive Care Registered Nurses. Since purchasing our property, we've farmed it ourselves and turned our commercial apple orchard into a successful Agritourism business and we have never looked back. And yes, we are still nurses. 


I have now found my absolute passion - helping people help them selves to be successful in business because if I can do it - why can't you. 

Farm diversification, business & Agritourism Consulting 

Whether you have a great idea already and want to run it past someone who has already made it happen, or you need succession planning for your farm and want realistic and achievable plans to diversify your farm then I can help.

I can help write your business plans, give you ideas on how to make your farm more financially viable, give you the tools and contacts for all of those road blocks you may have already encountered, help you market your own business and above all listen and problem solve.


I am also available for presentations, seminars and information sessions.

If you'd like more information on how I can help your business or farm send me an email 


See my media appearances here.. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help people succeed. 

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