Visitors Info

We do not take any bookings, so if you all of a sudden feel like spending a day on the orchard - come on in!

We've listed a few things that are good to know...

Lenswood is about on average 5 degrees (if not more some days) cooler than Adelaide (or the 'flat lands' as we call it) so dress appropriately!

@Lenswood Pick Your Own is a fully-fledged commerical farm so there is limited hard ground, so wear appropriate footwear.

Our car park is not bitumen (yet!) so expect that your car will get a bit dusty - its a farm.

We do not provide apple picking bags as how many bags do you really need in the back of your car? We are commited to being a sustainable business and thats why you are more than welcome to bring your own bags, boxes or baskets.

Our trees are VERY easy to pick from. Even the littlest ones in your family can come apple picking as fruit is grown from about 30cm from the ground. AND we have picking sticks for those really high apples, although.. dad's shoulders work extreemly well too.