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For OUR Pink Lady Apple season we have made something really special. As you know, we are all about using our apple orchard and our brand to make people happy - after all - we are nurses!

Pink Lady apples are usually ready in May. Mother’s Day is in May and what would have been my own mum’s birthday would have been in May too. She unfortunately lost her battle with cancer when I was a little girl (which is what made me want to be a nurse) so we would like to do something to honour her memory in a postive way as this year marks 20 years since she passed away.

Each weekend that we are open for Pick Your Own Pink Lady Apples or Rosy Glow Apples (which are a local strain of Pink Lady’s) we will be donating a proportion of our profits to various ‘lady’ related charities. Therefore our Lady’s will be helping ladies - which of course also helps men and children at the same time!

We couldn’t be prouder and happier to have the opportunity to potentially not only give people a fantastic day out in our orchard but also help ALOT of people at the same time.

A glimpse into a few of the amazing different charities that we have teamed up with are..

Catherine House Adelaide

Puddle Jumpers Adelaide

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

AS4AK - Adelaide's Dorinda Hafner charity Austrailan Sponsorship for African Kids

Get on board, help us help do some amazing things with our orchard. Maybe you too can come up and spend a day at our orchard and honor someone special.